Lack of Nutrition in Older Adults

Lack of Nutrition in Older Adults

The need for nutrition is essential for every human being. Most people overlook the requirement of good nutrition for older adults. The older adults who lack high nutrition are usually the ones with fewer healthy days. As the person grows older, the metabolism slows down and the calories seem to take a lot of time to burn down. Therefore, the human body undergoes several modifications and diet plans and the diet needs change as well.

The requirement of nutrition for a older adults is quite different from the requirement of a teenager. It is easier for older adults to fall prey to obesity. However, it is highly essential to maintain a nutritional balance for older adults, as they are vulnerable to malnutrition. Nutritional changes tend to impact your weight and dietary habits.

The Importance of Nutrition:

It is important to maintain a balanced diet, especially when you reach or cross the retirement age. When you reach this age, being just a bit overweight can also impact your health in a bad manner. Being overweight would put a lot of stress on your delicate joints and it can also initiate the problems of osteoporosis, arthritis, muscle disorders and other illnesses. Taking the wrong kind of food can cause you to feel lethargic and sluggish. Older adults with diabetes should be more careful about their weight.

A well-balanced diet for older adults should include fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates such as pasta, cereals, rice, and bread. The bodies of older adults require a certain amount of calcium, which can be found in the shape of the cheese, yogurt, and low-fat milk. Fiber should be taken in the form of fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Taking a diet which includes all these components would prove to be beneficial for your health and it would fulfill all of your nutritional needs.

Malnutrition In Older adults:

The lack of nutrition is responsible for many health problems, which include obesity, cancer and gallbladder disease, etc. The metabolism rate starts decreasing after you cross your thirties. Eating the right type of nutrition can improve the quality of your life. It also helps in keeping the immune system going smooth. Malnutrition can interfere with various other health concerns and it tends to increase the risk of infections. It can also cause the muscles to fall weak, which can lead to falls and fractures. Similarly, it can affect the wound healing procedure. There is a lack of variety of food for the older adults, which results in malnutrition. The micro nutrient deficiencies are most common in elderly people because of the lack of variety and the reduced food intake. Reducing the intake of saturated fat and salt can do wonders for your health and immune system. Salt intake reduction can lower the blood pressure and also the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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